Transcripts of Recent National Justice Party Speeches


The following is the transcription of speeches given by Tony Hovater, Michael McKevitt, Joseph Jordan and Michael Peinovich at National Justice Party’s November 12th, 2022 conference.



November 12, 2022

Alright. Alright. Did you like the WWE intro? No pirated tech, sorry about that. Now, recently the biggest conversation online has been about Twitter, Elon Musk’s acquisition, Kanye West naming them, doing the bit, and really what this is going to mean for speech online as a whole. You know, some of us are hopeful that it’s going to be like, 2016, 2017 again. You know, we’re back! I don’t think it’s going to quite by like that, you know, but we should be hopeful. You know, some people are like eternally, gloomy, you know, gloom and dome, “Oh, it’s just going to be worse. This is a trick.” We also don’t know that. I don’t think it’s going to be that bad. Regardless, whatever happens, we need to take what we can get from these platforms and just focus on growth, you know. We’ll make accounts. They’ll get banned. Who cares? Do it again. Like, we keep reaching people. There’s no reason not to do that. And I always find it funny that people, like, they take it really personal when they get an account banned. It like, you know who we are, right? It’s going to happen. Just don’t even—it’s not a big deal, but the main barrier to speech though, as always unsurprisingly, is the ADL. It’s our very, very favorite org, one of them anyway.

Now, put this into perspective thought: Elon Musk, richest guy in the world, number one, there’s nobody—like Batman-tier, you know, super rich. But, when Jonathan Greenblatt comes calling, he has to answer the call. He has to do the meeting, the censorship meeting, you know. Greenblatt picks some team, it’s all, like, NAACP, like, handpicked ADL guys, and you know, Elon, he agreed to do the thing, you know. They laid out some of the stuff that they were going to do and about a day or so, maybe two days after that, they still try to do a massive advertiser walkout for Twitter. So, think about that. The richest man in the world comes to the table with the ADL. He says, “Yes, Mr. Greenblatt. Please don’t bully. I’ll do what you say.” And then they still try to force his hand because they just don’t want this. They do not want even the idea that speech will be free on the internet. What’s it going to take?

So, they posted this massive thread, you know, detailing all the issues, all the threats on Twitter. This effort post, and just below Kanye West, you know, one of the richest guys in the wor—well, not the richest guy in the world, but one of the, like, biggest celebrities in the world. Guess who they listed? The National Justice Party. Yes, NJP. Yeah. According to them, and this is the—we’re one of the main reasons the advertisers have to leave. They can’t be part of this. You know, they said that we were, and this is a quote, “an antisemitic group continuing to organize and share white nationalist propaganda.” Yes, now just because that’s true doesn’t mean they need to say it and be all negative about it, okay? It’s so rude. Now, seriously though, think about this the next time—because you hear this stuff online, like, “Oh, but what are they doing, really?” Well, you know, according to the peoples that hold the levers of power, we matter quite a bit. It’s enough to cause Twitter and the richest man in the world millions of dollars in advertisers fleeing.

It’s just really, like, understand this. And we’re able to do it just by existing. You know, I use my Twitter half the time to post jokes and that was even enough for them to be just—They can’t handle it. And it’s really funny with the Kanye West stuff, like how cynical the response, the Jews, and the ADL have had because, you know, they’re pro-black, they’re pro-brown, they’re pro—you know, whatever that isn’t us until the Gollum that they created, you know, kind of turns on them, starts to look back in their direction and realize what’s actually up. And it’s funny because if Kanye West had gone “death con 3” on white people, I don’t think there would have been a peep. Hell, maybe more advertisers would have come in. Who knows? If Kyrie Irving, you know, the basketball guy, if he had shared a film from, like, what is that—the 1619 curriculum or program, whatever that is, or like the weird, like, torture atrocity movies like Rust and Amistad, all that that they produce regularly. You know, he would have received praise and it would have been, “Oh, wow, Kyrie, you know, he’s bringing out the tough questions. We’re having the conversation.” You know, as though that doesn’t happen all the time anyhow.

But some movie about, like, Jews and slavery, something about the slave ships and all that. I didn’t watch it. Doesn’t look like a movie for me. And now, I probably know most of the info in there anyhow, but I’m willing to bet it’s actually a lot more true than the blood libel atrocity films that they make about us, year after year after year. Like I said, the Amistads, the Schindler’s List, you know, the cartoon villain movies. Nobody ever wants to dispute those, but the situation that Jews are in at the moment really, fundamentally, the opposite of what they want, you know, they never want to be forced out in the open and show their hand, show that hard power. They don’t like to emerge from, like, the smoke-filled backrooms that they claim don’t exist. You know, they don’t like to leave their Zoom calls where they get caught, well, I’m not going to say it. We’ll keep it PG-13, but don’t Google “Jeffrey Toobin.” Don’t do it. You know, they don’t like to have to be open. Like, their whole thing is they operate sort of, in the background, and they try to make it appear as though these things are just naturally emerging, you know. They’re obviously not. You don’t have organizations like AIPAC, the ADL, what is it, ZOA. Like all of these organizations working for a foreign government.

This isn’t, like, a normal emerging thing. This is them doing this to us, you know. So, you know, the ADL, they want to make Twitter bleed millions more dollars which is a ballsy thing to do to, you know, come to the table of the owner and then just totally try to dunk on them the next day. But they want them to bleed more and more money until they actually bend the knee and go back to their standard amount of censorship. You know, and this is another thing to prove that they’re a very, you know, powerless, innocent, weak-minded minority and nobody should bully them.  They worked to get Kanye West, you know, like I said one of the most popular, wealthiest celebrities in the world. They got him de-banked, you know, helped to ruin one of his deals with Adidas. All of his promoters cancelled a bunch of his, like, sold-out shows that were coming up. And see, that’s the thing a lot of people—you’ll hear this in the alt-lite, like, they like to make it about, like, “Oh, they’re just in it for the money. That’s all it is. It’s greed. It’s the elites.” Like, really? Because personally they’re losing money doing this, but they’re willing to do it because they value stuff more than money and that’s censorship. They value power and control far more than they value the dollars.

So, they’re also—I just mentioned him, Kyrie Irving—they’re extorting this guy. He had to give half a million dollars personally to anti-hate groups which just means the ADL. The actual team that he plays for—the Brooklyn Nets—they gave half a million dollars, again, likely to the ADL. And then guess what? He still has to meet with the representatives and he still got suspended from however many games so, you know, when this happens. Like, if they ever come calling for you, don’t apologize. Don’t give them money. Never ever, like, back down from your point because they don’t care. The point that—the thing with them is that once you broch it, that’s it for you. Like, they’ve got you now so you might as well not apologize. Actually, the right thing to do is, like, what we do, or say like, even Kanye West, just say, “No, no. I’m just right, though. What’s up?” Then just move on.

Now, you know, in any other situation, organizations like the ADL, AIPAC, ZOA would be considered, like, a mafia or a foreign agent and they’d be subject to things like RICO charges. You know, they’re a criminal organization extorting people. How is this permitted to exist? Well, that’s completely rhetorical. I know why it’s permitted to exist but, you know. If this was, like, any other country doing this, you know, years and years of the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff. Say, there were multiple, like, Russian organizations censoring speech, demanding that you pay them a tithe, you know, you buy indulgence to this because you crossed them slightly and they still get you canned form your job. People start asking questions, you know. But this one—it’s all good. We’re just going to let that slide. Congress isn’t interested. Nobody cares, huh? Yeah.

Like, for example, say we did this. Say, you know, one of our guys got hassled at a job when we, you know, threaten to make them lose money or do anything like that. Oh man, you can’t even believe how quick the Feds would crack down. Come on. Now, it’s unclear what Elon’s intentions really are for Twitter, you know. If he wants to create a broader free speech-oriented website. That could be, you know. I think it’ll be a safer place for people like Steven Crowder and Glenn Beck probably. Probably less so us, but we’ll see. We’ll see. Now, he has the option though because all he has to is get rid of the gays, the Jews, and in some cases the gay Jews that are controlling the censorship board which apparently that one guy stepped down. Was it Yoel Roth or something? Yes. Who would have thought—who would have thought that a literal gay, married Jew would not want us on his platform. Isn’t that crazy? Now it could remain the same. It could remain some useless, left-wing echo chamber, but things are already sort of starting to shift. We’ll see. Maybe the eight dollars a month or whatever, you know. Maybe advertisers will leave. It’ll be a little bit more open because they don’t need them. Who knows? We’ll see.

But there’s even been a few articles I should have included the links so people could have looked it up but I didn’t. And it sort of seems like a lot of high finances, like, considering maybe tanking the stock and just crashing the whole thing. And they’re more than willing to do that if they don’t have their way. And you know this about them; if they get crossed a little bit, if somebody gets in their way, they try to burn it all down and we’ll see what happens but I don’t know. It’s up in the air. The thing is is any of these platforms, don’t ever, like, count on them being around. Just, like, take what’s given to you. Like I said earlier, make new accounts. Just keep going. Keep pushing. Why not? You have nothing to lose. Just do the thing. And, you know, the real takeaway also is every time our rights are denied by the state, by the Jews that run it, just think that they have to do it because they really do. They have to censor us because we’re effective. That’s very obvious. The only thing they can actually do is try to slow us down at this point. I think they kind of know it. Every tattle-tale journalist and system shill would absolutely kill to have the reach that we do. And that a, like, real reach, not botted stuff, not, you know, they’ve censored everybody else on, you know, YouTube so they’re the only ones—real reach. Real people, like, how many people do you think you’d get in a room to see, like, a SPLC journalist speak? Probably between zero to the other rioters on the staff, you know, however many that is. Not a good showing.

Now, most of us on the council, we were actually on there for about—what did we have? Like a week—four days? Yeah, I think mine was, like, six or seven days, yeah. I had a good run. But in that time if you combined all our impressions on there, you can look at the stats, you know. We had millions of interactions with people. Millions of people say our stuff in a week! In a week. Not quite six million. Not quite six million interactions but we were really close. It might as well have been. The way they’re acting it might as well have been. On mine alone, it was, like, just over a million and that’s one account, you now. Now, any of us can be that effective and it’s almost effortless for us. When you’re in this movement, a lot of us are a lot smarter, a lot funnier than, you know, the average people on the street that just don’t care. And again, that’s why they have to do it. You can’t keep people like us on a platform and expect things not to change so they can’t, they can’t allow it. Now, you know, if everyone here in this room were to do the same thing. Say we all did it once, just made an account and started pushing, imagine how much reach we’d have and people always say, you know, “Oh, well it wasn’t everybody. There wasn’t enough people.”

But, say, okay, who cares? Say, between this group, one day, we all shared something. They had, like, a million interactions. Say 10 percent of those people joined the cause. That matters. That matters a lot and that’s why they can’t let us on. The one thing you can count on is that they’re going to continue to try to make it hard. They’re going to deplatform us. They’re going to debank us. It’s the whole thing. We’re used to it and we’re prepared for it, and that’s fine. But they know that the dam’s about to burst. And I was reading a couple articles. There’s been a few of these recently asking, like, is it about time, like, should Jews, should we start thinking, you know, is it time for us to leave America? All I’ll say about it is basically if you have to ask, it’s probably a lot sooner than what you think, okay? Thank you.



November 12, 2022

So, who here is a veteran or on active service right now? I do want to start with thanking you for volunteering with the intent to serve a country that you thought cared about you. Happy one-day belated Veterans’ Day to my brothers and even my sisters in arms. Equal opportunity. Embrace diversity. Dignity and respect for all. If you had to guess if this mug came from a UC Berkley professor’s desk or an elite war-fighting command structure, which would you guess? I would have said that it came from the professor’s desk too. But the truth is, it’s a US Army Special Operations command mug. This is the mug that I kept on my desk for a couple of years and I always left the front facing out because it looks real cool and the back face me to remind me of why I needed to not reenlist. It’s ironic that an organization with the motto, “Sine Pari,”—forgive me for the Latin—that means “without equal.” So, it’s ironic that an organization with the motto, “Without Equal,” pushes diversity over merit on its newly all-white force. I was going to throw the mug but it’s like the perfect size. It’s a good mug.

How do we know that the elite military organizations are overwhelmingly white? Well, they tell us. A Marine Corporation study from 1999—Are There Barriers to Minorities Joining Special Operations Forces? The study found yes. The real answer is standards, but USAToday from 2015: The Pentagon’s Elite Forces Lack Diversity. ABC in 2021: The US Military’s Elite Commando Forces Look to Expand Diversity. From the MilitaryTimes in 2021: Special Operations Command ‘USSOCOM’ Committing Itself to Attracting More Women and People of Color. Not to leave gender out of our progressive stack, my favorite article related to gender inclusivity—that’s hard to say—for combat roles, Marine Corps study: All Male Combat Units Outperform Better than Mixed Units. That was published by the NPR in 2015. The results were, of course, sexist and fascist. All male units outperforming mixed units in 69—nice—percent of tasks.

For at least 23 years, longer than some of you that are here tonight have even been alive, the military has attempted to diversify its best units. The results—as of March 2021, a full 95 percent of Seal and combatant craft crew officers were white. Just two percent were black according to Naval Special Warfare statistics. The Officer Corps of Army Special Forces is 87 percent white and, again, two percent black. Why would an organization supposedly based on merit and standards have an issue with its best and its brightest being overwhelmingly white and male? January 6th, 2021, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the current and former Armed Forces of the empire of America. Thank you, FDR for the Pearl Harbor quote. Researchers have identified at least 140 defendants. That’s 17 percent of January 6th “attackers” with a military background. The identities of former, high-ranking military officers who went to the Capitol on January 6th have become publicly know. People like Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Tarc, Rendall Brock, Jr., Army Colonel retired and information warfare specialist Phil Waldron, and retired Navy Seal Adam Newbold.

From superiority to supremacy: Exploring the Vulnerability of Military and Police Special Forces to Extreme Right Radicalization—that is a research paper that was published earlier this year and it argues that a lack of diversity and gender and ethnicity, elite warrior subcultures, echo chambers, and cognitive rigidity can become vulnerability factors for extreme right radicalization and military and police special forces units. We’re supposed to believe that the most intelligent and capable warfighters in the history of man became right-wing extremists by brainwashing each other and excluding women. We’re supposed to believe that these men are all incels. Yeah, you thought. The truth is these men are smart enough to see the world for what it is. They operate in an all-white force or, mostly white force and that leads to political whiteness that leads agreeing with each other and that leads to a realistic outlook on how the world looks and what you’re doing in the world. That scares the shit out of our enemies.

I enlisted in 2012. In 2015, I signed into an aviation special operations unit at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I worked with these men. I know these men, and I still talk to them. One of these men, Staff Sergeant Kyle R. McKee died on this day, the 12th of November, two years ago, flying on an Egyptian-Israeli peacekeeping mission on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Kyle and I met when he came to my unit a few months after the—sorry, fuck—Kyle and I met a few months after I signed into my unit. Kyle gave me the vibe if you know what I mean. Turns out we listened to the same podcasts. We read the same books. He was our guy. I knew Kyle’ family and Kyle knew my family. At the time of his death, he had two sons and a newborn daughter born literally days before he left for Egypt. Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 291 on the 22nd of April of this year 2022, renaming part of State Route 86 to Staff Sergeant Kyle R. McKee Memorial Highway, and I guess that’s better than growing up with a dad, right? A quote from Ohio Democratic State Representative Daniel Troy: “Staff Sergeant Kyle McKee is a hero who died protecting everything we as Americans cherish.” Mr. Troy, I don’t know many Americans who cherish positive Egyptian-Israeli relations, but I can think of a few policymakers who do.

Jewish neocon Richard Pearle, along with Middle East Policy Advisor to George W. Bush, David Wurmser, another Jew, published A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. This was published by the Institute for Advanced Strategic Studies in Israel in 1996. The realm that they’re referring to is Israel. One year later, the Project for a New American Century was founded by Richard Pearle in America, of course. A few years later, we invaded Iraq over supposed weapons of mass destruction that funnily enough, never materialized. Listening to Chairman Peinovich’s speech, A Clean Break for detailed history and who’s who of Clean Break in American foreign policy in the Middle East. So, most of us here are no longer on active service. That is a problem for the Jewish power structure. We have radicalized veterans here among us with specific skills, running around without any sort of check on their activities. That’s where Jewish veteran Kristopher Goldsmith in Task Force Butler come in. Task Force Butler was founded in early 2022 with the stated intent of “not to harm those who’ve fallen sway to misinformation and radicalization, but to encourage them to leave a path that exclusively leads to their destruction.” It’s funny that they want to bully people away form a path that leads to their destruction by leading you down a Jewish-led path that leads to your destruction. How do they plan on convincing fellow veterans to step off the path of enlightenment? Social and financial pain and that’s from their website, “social and financial pain.” But remember, remember, they don’t want to punish you. That’s not a punishment. They’re just doxing and blacklisting you. It is anti-white.

So, what has Task Force Butler been up to? In 2022, Mr. Goldsmith’s organization has doxed individuals who aren’t even veterans looking to meet up with other pro-white individuals. They have accused Patriot Front of a nationwide conspiracy to be mean to black people? And they illegally spied on a private nationalist event in Texas. A so-called “operator” from Task Force Butler used lies and misinformation to gain access to this nationalist event. Other members of Task Force Butler then used a drone to spy on this event which was held on private property. They were not invited. They logged people’s license plates. They recorded people without their permission, and then they turned all of that information over to law enforcement. Task Force Butler is a non-profit organization which means that it is paid for by your tax dollars. It openly works with Antifa and federal law enforcement. If you scroll Kristopher Goldsmith and Task Force Butler’s Twitter, you see them interacting with Antifa openly. They’re not hiding it. This confirms our narrative that Antifa and the federal government are one in the same.

Why does the government need a seemingly respectable front for their illicit information laundering schemes? It’s simple; people think that that type of behavior is corrupt and scummy. Regular people hate Antifa. Goldsmith seeks to bridge the gap between normal people and the immoral harassment of people for practicing their First Amendment rights. The creation of Task Force Butler begs a few questions. Why do so many veterans hate the government? After signing up to defend ‘merica, people come to the realization that they’re not doing that at all. How many rights did Kyle protect over Sinai? What sacred and God-given right is hidden in that Afghani poppy field? It’s funny that if you ask people why they enlisted, why they continue to serve in the United States military, they’ll tell you, “I do it for the men to my left and my right.” When you enlisted in the military, how many brothers in arms did you have? How many people were fighting to your left and right? Zero. Zero! Nobody joins the military in order to fight for the people to their left and their right. People stay in the military for those people. At some point, all of us realized that we were lied to. We got worked. We were a mark. Our European instincts to defend our people and seek glory for our nation were used to serve Israel. They were hijacked. Nobody can deny that that is what the Global War on Terror was fight over at this point.

While you’re serving, you have to sit through equal opportunity classes that tell you that discrimination is bad as long as the recipient is a non-white. They never talk about the discrimination against whites that happens at a systematic and strategic level within the military.  You also have to receive indoctrination to ensure that you are pro-tranny enough, and after enough TBIs, you might even decide that you’re no longer the Navy Seal Christopher Beck, but you’re Kristen Beck. I might never have my Navy Seal trident, but I’ll always have the tip of my spear. So, why would so many God-fearing Americans attend a peaceful pro—a mostly peaceful protest like January 6th? Well, in addition to being subjected to discrimination and the authority of an organization that hates you and seeks to destroy your people, you see that the rights that you thought that you were defending, the rights that you hold sacred are not being respected and in fact, they’re being actively taken away from you. Our right to free speech, our right to representation, our right to accessible elections, and our right to bear arms are all under attack.

I did not sign up to fight and die for this nation only to have my sacrifices spat on by the reigning Jewish elite. We’ve all watched our friends bleed out and die on foreign lands, and I ask you what was it all for? But then the day finally comes. Expiration of terms of service. You separate from the military. You get your DD-214. Member one and member four. Make copies. Never hand out your original. You’re done. Now, you get to work with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, a delightful and efficient organization with no history of abuse or neglect. The VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative—remember, no neglect—the VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative reduced the number of patients receiving opioids and Benzodiazepine together by 87 percent since 2012 from nearly 123,000 down to nearly 16,000 veterans as well as reducing the number of patients on long-term opioid medication by 70 percent and the number of patients on very high doses of opioids by 80 percent. So many veterans on opioids that I can’t even read that sentence in two breaths.

One in ten veterans have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, higher than the civilian average. A big problem in the VA or with veterans in general is they are diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder for alcohol, something the VA does not prescribe you. Why are veterans turning to alcohol? Why? Because they can’t get medical care. They can’t get the care that they need. The VA is finally making an attempt to reduce the amount of opioids that they hand out but they still can’t get a handle on the time it takes to assist veterans or the abuse that veterans face while in the care of the VA. June 26th, 2018, John Watts, a 58-year-old Air Force veteran, he set himself on fire outside of the Georgia Capitol building in Atlanta. He was protesting his treatment at the hands of the VA. November 15th, 2017, Charles Ingraham, a 51-year-old Air Force veteran committed suicide by setting himself on fire outside of a New Jersey VA facility. The VA had failed to see him for over a year before he took his own life. He needed care that was not within the VA network. It got approved and nobody ever called him to tell him that it got approved so he could not schedule the appointment that he needed.

The veteran suicide rate is 1.5 times higher than the suicide rate for civilians. Around 20 veterans a day commit suicide and three-quarters of those veterans are not in the care of the VA. What’s wrong with the VA? Why can’t they manage to take care of the people who have served the interests of our ruling class? Conservatives will tell you that the problem is socialism. Conservatives don’t have an answer for the relatively efficient and effective socialist healthcare system that is available to active-duty service members. The real answer is that once you’re done serving the interest of the wealthy elites in Israel, they don’t care about you. They don’t care if you commit suicide. In fact, they probably prefer it because that’s one less veteran they have to worry about getting pissed off at how they’re treated. So, I ask Mr. Goldsmith and I ask his organization Task Force Butler, do you really think harassing and attempting to financially ruin us is a good idea? The truth is that they don’t care if it’s a good idea or not. They know what might happen if we walk away with our military training but not the proper indoctrination. How many steps away are we from barring white men from the military entirely or at least largely from limiting their ability to perform any of our roles in the military?

Our masters look at it this way because our masters fear the guillotine of unbridled white rage and solidarity combined with the skills that we acquired in the military. The National Justice Party does not want to corrupt our most elite military institutions with diversity and other anti-white ideological bullshit. We do not want to send our best and our brightest off to fight and die under false pretenses. Lastly, we believe in taking care of those who have answered the call and stood up to fight for our people. I don’t want to see any more of my friends dead in a ditch, dead on foreign soil, or in jail for theft in order to fuel their VA-prescribed heroin addiction. No more wars for Israel! No more service to people that hate us, and mark my words: we will not go quietly into the night.



November 12, 2022

What a wonderful turnout. Lots of families. Lots of young men, older people, kids. Let me ask you; how many people here because I know that you’re here. We have representatives of organized labor at this conference. We have electricians. We have people that work in construction. How many people do we have in the building right now in organized labor? That is a lot! That is very impressive. Organized labor in America does not have any real political voice. The average white union guy not in the public sector, but in the private sector actually shares the values of the NJP. And yet when the white working men goes to the ballot box, he’s got two choices. The Democrats hate him for his race. The republicans hate him for his class. And so that’s why in the midterms, they voted for no one. To hell with the GOP and the Democrats. This is our hope, white working man.

The middle and working class was able to save a lot of money in 2020 and 2021 through various measures such as an enhanced unemployment, an enhanced child tax credit, and stimulus checks. People were able to put money in the bank. Many—in many instances for the first time in their lives. I mean, we can celebrate that but it’s actually also sad. So, what and how did we get to the place we’re at now? Immigration moratorium also during Covid has actually tightened the labor market, leading to more jobs and better pay. Pay that our bosses said we don’t deserve. Now they’re begging us to come to work. Less immigration, the better social net, all of these things give white people, white middle class people, white working people confidence to stand up for what’s theirs. We are not asking for welfare or alms, just what is justified—what we need to live! So, as the bottom “90 percent” has gained a modest amount of money and wealth, families have been able to enjoy more breathing room.

I want to actually focus on the labor strikes, nurses, railway workers. If you don’t appreciate them, you are not going to get what you need at the store. Why are our railway carriers privately owned? If your country has a supply chain of any type that depends on railways, clearly, they should be nationally owned. It’s not like they can go out of business. The railway carrier monopolies go out of business, there’s no food in the supermarket. So, they’re too big to fail. We pay, they play! No! Now, unionization has been going up, but it’s still at only half the rate it was in 1983. It’s more powerful than decades and unlike—like I said before—unlike public sector unions, they’re not just shuffling money—taxpayer money around. They are actually confronting capital. Amazon, for example is constantly trying to stave off unionization drives. Various other “woke” businesses out there. Woke until it’s time to pay your workers enough to pay for their shelter and clothes for their families to be healthy, to be educated. They don’t give you money for that. They give it to Black Lives Matter.

Standing up for ourselves in the workplace is more important now than ever before. One in six managers have been instructed by their bosses to not hire white men no matter what the qualifications. Studies from countries like Sweden have found that a state that provides a strong safety net actually makes its workers more likely to embrace radical politics. People that can be comfortable that they will not lose their job just for thinking freely, maybe dreaming of a country that is actually livable, don’t have to actually, you know, fear losing their job. So, the main policy I actually want that I studied for this speech that I was most outraged by the repeal of. It was—how many people in here got the enhanced child tax credit. We have a lot of families in here. Did that make a difference in your lives or not? Democrat Joe Manchin—already laughing, Christ—the Democrat Joe Manchin along with most Republicans fought to end the enhanced child tax credit. In West Virginia, the state that Manchin supposedly is supposed to represent—50,000 rural white children were instantly brought out of poverty through this one program. Child poverty can be resolved. One child tax credit increase brought 50,000 of Joe Manchin’s constituents out of poverty and he threw them back down!

Studies of the sociological impacts of the enhanced child tax credit showed that in Appalachia for example, many families did not have to go through the various measures that they did before such as selling plasma, payday loans, car title loans, the worst things—unimaginable things just to make ends meet. This child tax credit made all the difference for hundreds of thousands of people and they took it away while giving billions for the phony Jewish war in Ukraine. We are not allowed to exist. We’re not granted the dignity we deserve. Mitch McConnell for example, we all know why he supports—literally has a 20 percent approval rating and yet nobody can get him out of office. How is this a democracy? Mitch McConnell receives funding from payday loan companies—literal loan sharks exploiting poor people who by definition as a payday loan, poor people who work fulltime jobs and can’t avoid to put food on their table—they prey on them! And Manchin, McConnell, all the scum in Washington received donations from them!

This study also showed that poor whites that received the enhanced child tax credit and lower middle class white people began to actually eat more high-quality protein. They began to eat more fruits and vegetables. People lost weight because there is this libertarian idea that America’s poor, are spoiled because they’re overweight. But many, many overweight people are malnourished in this country because they eat things that come out of bags and boxes rather than real food. They can’t afford quality food and for the first time, they were able to eat right. The most interesting aspect of the last two years has been the mini white baby boom. The white birthrate went up! So, this experiment shows that we can end the poverty and malnutrition that plagues America’s invisible rural whites. We can—we have the power to do it. We’ve seen it in action; it worked and that’s why they ended it! The two parties constantly collude in good cop-bad cop form. The Democrats play the bad cop on cultural issues. The republicans play bad cop on economic ones. So, when it comes to the ridiculous transexual politics, the Democrats have to take the brunt of it, but then when it comes to actually literally starving poor children, the Republicans are out there proudly campaigning on it and then they don’t understand why they lose elections: “Oh, they stole the election!” No, conventional conservatism is simply garbage.

What are they motivated by? It’s like I said before; tens of millions of whites in this country between New York and California completely invisible. No political representation. No lobbies. No lawyers. This is a plutocracy. It’s an oligarchy. It’s not a democracy. No matter who we vote for we get the same Goddamn policies. The Democrats are openly anti-white. That has consequences. When you promote anti-white politics, that means that people feel vindicated when they commit acts of violence against white people. When white people are turned out for scholarships, when you’re turned out for mortgages, when you’re turned down at the welfare office! This pig system doesn’t want us to pay off our debts. They don’t want us to achieve financial security. And through investment banking, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government itself are satanic plutocracy keeps us poor and afraid, for we are not afraid.

The Federal Reserve is the subject of many, many conspiracy theories. But in my research, I was actually quite shocked. The actual conspiracy is right before your eyes. You can go on their website and see it. The conspiracy is that over a hundred lobbies mostly representing Jewish interests, financial capital, Amazon, Facebook, and so on, they basically set Fed policy because of course, the Fed is on paper, private. And the idea behind keeping the Fed private, i.e., the power to print out money, the power to plan our economy, the Fed does anything. It has reverberating impacts on every single person in this country. And yet we have no say over it. Nobody is accountable for it. Why in the world do they still pretend this is a democracy when the Fed is completely controlled by Jewish financial interests?

The most recent outrage at the Fed is that these lobbies have basically gotten them to hike interest rates. Now, things that the Fed does can be quite complicated. However, this one we know what the results are because we’ve been here before. If inflation is going up—now, not to say inflation isn’t bad now—but, some inflation is not bad because if inflation goes up, people can pay their mortgages faster. People can say off their car loans faster. So, there are some benefits to controlled inflation. Now, the response to inflation at the Fed is not to figure out issues with supply chains or create a subsidy system for food and for transportation and gas, or something that can benefit everybody. No, the bankers instead are getting the Fed to create a phony recession deliberately putting millions of people out of work next year. Their answer to inflation is to simply get millions of people fired so they don’t have money to buy anything. That is not a solution! It’s not! The solution is to take over these Jewish banks and use them to serve our people first.

Just to see the absolute worthlessness of the red and blue team. Jerome Powell, the current Chair on the Fed—he was nominated by Donald Trump. Then, Biden got in office and he was nominated again! I mean, the agenda that they’re pursuing is deliberately to wipe out the small amount of savings the middle class was able to put together in the last two years. Why does a government do that? Why would the Fed do that? And it’s because they are run by our enemies. It’s that simple. Mark my words that by the middle point of 2023, next year, you will see spike in unemployment. You will see a horrible, horrible recession and it’s all planned by the Fed, planned by Goldman Sachs. They are unhappy that white workers are standing up for themselves, that we have savings, that our wives and mothers and daughters, that they’re able to stay home with their kids because they saved money. They don’t want that. They don’t want white babies to be born. They want you to be their slave. Will you be their slave? I said are you citizens or slaves? The answer is that we’re citizens.

The last time we saw Federal Reserve hikes like this was in 1979 when the Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker utilized a strategy in order to reign in—again—rising wages and inflation. Nobody denies that the type of inflation on food and gas in particular which is more complicated than just more people have more money that there needs to be something done about that. But the answer is not to put and plunge millions of our people into destitution. That’s not ever going to be the answer when the NJP takes power. A system that actively works to put large sways of its own citizens out of work is an illegitimate one. The right to contribute to society with your labor whether it’s mental or physical is a fundamental part of human dignity. There’s only one explanation for prioritizes the profits of Goldman Sachs over your ability to feed your family. You are goyim. You are nothing more than a farm animal to these people. Now, I would ask someone to explain what the other narrative or explanation could be for being treated like this by our own leadership. This is an outrage.

So, during the 1980s, back to the Paul Volker policy, Volker and then later Alan Greenspan, their plan for reducing wages and inflation was as follows: Upend the Keynesian pursuit of full employment. People don’t understand this, but even in America, budgets used to have full employment of citizens as part of their national priority. That is no longer true. Eliminate borders and sovereign states. Volker and Greenspan were advocates of keeping wages low through outsourcing and also illegal immigration—insourcing. And so, it’s not a coincidence that when the Federal Reserve began implementing these policies and other Jewish agencies of capital began lobbying for them in Washington, that this is exactly what we got and wages have not risen—well, they have very recently—but wages had not meaningfully risen since the ‘70s, since this policy was implemented. It is by design. It’s not a coincidence. They made it this way. Volker and Greenspan helped usher in the system we know today as globalism or neoliberalism.

By implementing central bank policies towards this goal in tandem with its allies who own both major parties. They got the government to reduce labor power, shrink the middle class, incentivize the creation of global supply chains for American capital to get cheap labor, and of course, like I mentioned before, mass immigration that never, ever ends no matter how full this country is, no matter how many millions of poor people we have, no matter how many children in Appalachia are starving as we speak while we bring every single person in the world to this country with diversity lottos. Some of them come through the border. Some of them are brought by refugee agencies. It needs to end! And I don’t know about you but I’m willing to pay an extra 25 cents for a tomato if it means that this system ends. In the early ‘80s, Volker’s policies shocked the economy. Suddenly, America was facing in the early ‘80s the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Under the leadership of Volker and Greenspan, the American middle class shrunk by 20 percent. This fell even further in the ‘90s and 2000s and 2010s. Once again, nobody voted for these policies. Nobody asked for these policies, but no matter who we vote for, you get the same damn thing going back 60, 80, possibly more years in this country. And on top of that when we complained, we are viciously persecuted.

According to a study by Carter C. Price and Katherine Edwards, from 1975 to 2018, $47 trillion have been stolen from the bottom 90 percent and redistributed to the one percent. This, in turn, has led to people struggling with basic things like buying a house. This is depressed family formation in this country and in the West in general. Millennials and Gen Zs simply cannot reach the basic milestones of adulthood. We can’t afford to move to your own place. You can’t afford really to pair off. If you can’t pair off, you can’t have children. It’s that simple. That explains why the birthrate is low. The National Justice Party believes the Federal Reserve, the banks, large monopolies must be nationalized and our economy must serve our folk and our country, not the other way around. The Chamber of Commerce, investment banking firms, credit card companies, all of the people setting policy at the Fed through their lobbies, these are enemies of our people. Wealth, especially when it’s ill-begotten should not buying power, much less omnipotent power over our lives. The Sackler family made billions of dollars from the opioid crisis, killing hundreds of thousands of our people. When the National Justice Party takes power, people like the Sacklers will be brought before a special tribunal and I won’t spoil it.

Outside of your pocketbook, the striking lack of power between white labor and capital has enormous cultural and social consequences as well. How do you think we’ve gotten to the point where people get jobs, promotions, become celebrities, become respected and prestigious, spreading lies about white people while at the same time, if you simply give the names of people that run Hollywood and the media, you lose everything. Do you think that is a coincidence? The core of this power difference resides in its fundamental flaw of liberalism. The pursuit of profit which comes before the service of the folk. White traitors brought us here. The prospect of European-descended people vanishing from the face of the earth has never been higher than right now. In a liberal market system, the line between business and criminal activity is quite blurry.

Instead of national and racial unity, you get a million interest groups in permanent competition, all competing and fighting with one another, putting our nations in a state of permanent anarchy from Renaissance Florence to the British Empire, the United States. When economic activity is divorced from morality, when it contributes nothing to the real economy, the evil and corrupt enemies in our societies rise to the top. When that happens, a civilization’s soul, its body, and its people collapse. The reason why Jewish ideologues in Washington support the exporting of liberalism all over the world through CIA-backed Bolshevistic coups, color revolutions, in some cases even open military intervention, it’s because liberalism always spawns an elite that is easy to bribe and blackmail. The Jews can’t get in if the white traitors don’t open the door. Through liberalism, those white traitors took power. Without communitarian values to uphold in, a state simply loses its ability to protect the honor and well-being of its people and if a state doesn’t do that, it is effectively worthless.

Only by taking power over our government and our economy will we be able to confront every last anti-white and lift them by their collars. We are here for you, white workers. We are the only political organization that not only can’t be bought off but even if we wanted to sell out, none of the elites would want to buy us. It’s time that white people take the world “I” out of their vocabulary because there is only you, me, and us. We at the National Justice Party are the only organization in the entire United States that has any answers for any of this. The Republican Party—if you were to ask a Republican what their plan is for inflation, what their plan is for literally anything, their response is, “Well, we’re going to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop.” We have the right to a serious party, a serious organization because we’re actually serious people. We want to govern. We’re not Republicans. We want state power and we want to use it. So, at the end of the day, there’s really nothing else to lose so join the National Justice Party. That’s all I have to say.



November 12, 2022

The last meeting in Ohio was the NJP’s largest yet with over 400 people in attendance. I would say that this meeting is possibly our most populist meeting yet with our most openly pro-worker message so that’s great, but things since the last meeting in September have significantly heated up on the political scene. So, the beginning of October, the NJP traveled back to Waukesha, Wisconsin after the first week of the trial of Darrell Brooks. Our demand as always was that Brooks be charged at the state level and at the federal level with hate crimes, that his anti-white motivation for the attack be recognized by the court and reported in the media. We’re outraged by the ongoing cover up of Brooks’ motives in his racial terror attack that he committed on November 21st, 2021, almost a year ago today in which he killed six white people and injured 61, some of them severely. Among one of his victims was the eight-year-old boy Jackson Sparks. Now, despite Brooks’ long history of racial hate and anti-white statements, District Attorney Susan Auper and Assistant District Attorney Zachary Witchow actively covered up his motives and in doing so, they even contradicted one another.

In his opening statement before the trial of Brooks, Witchow said that Brooks’ motive in the attack was escape. But that doesn’t make any sense. That’s a lie. When you try to escape, you do not drive into a street which is on both sides parked up with police cars with their sirens flashing. You don’t drive into a police barricade. If you see that, you turn around. If you try to escape, you’re not going to a gas station to fill up on your way to whatever you’re going to do. So, that’s obviously fake. And Susan Auper, for her part told the jury in her closing statement, she didn’t know why Brooks did it. She said we know he did it and that’s what really matters. As long as we can prove he did it with our detectives we don’t need a motive. We already have the evidence that he did it. We don’t need to know why. We have no idea why. Now, at one point in the trial, Mrs. Auper was obliged to show some clips of Darrell Brooks’ rap videos, and these rap videos as we know are riddled with anti-white lyrics and imagery, much of it openly associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. During these parts of the trial, she made sure to keep the volume turned down. The sound off on these videos because as she said, if the jury hears these lyrics, it’s going to be prejudicial to Brooks. I would say rather than prejudicial it’s material relevant to the case.

But that also shows that she did know why he did it because if she didn’t know, she wouldn’t know to turn the volume down, would she? Not only that, we know she knew because our own Joseph Jordan here was the one that did the research the night of the attack, found about Darrell Brooks’ statements, publicized them on his website. That was later picked up by the New York Post among other outlets and we emailed them this information ourselves and many individuals emailed it to themselves too so we know that she saw it. So, another outrage at this trial was the fact that Brooks who defended himself was allowed to parade around in the court, misbehave, abuse the judge, abuse the prosecutor, abuse everybody, and even promote weird crank legal theories and basically insult everybody in the proceedings. Now the excuse for this is that if they were to discipline him or bring him back into control using force which is the right of the judge and the bailiffs that do, that this would give him grounds for an appeal. They didn’t want to give him any ammo for an appeal. But, let’s think about this for a second. Now that sounds plausible, maybe. Maybe.

But think about it for a second. Here we have a black terrorist that murdered six people, maimed 61 other people, is acting like a complete fool and jackass in court, is insulting everybody, and we have to let it go on. Otherwise, he might be able to appeal. Now if that’s our system, that system is broken and it needs to be torn down and built back up. Now contrast the treatment of Brooks who was allowed to abuse the judge with the treatment—and this is a murderer, a mass murdering terrorist—with the treatment of say, the January 6th defendants who are abused by the judge and who did nothing more than set foot in the U.S. Capitol, who did nothing violent, who hurt nobody. Simply set foot in the Capitol building of their own nation and the judge is abusing them in the court. They’re not just abusing them with malicious and capricious over sentencing, they are embarrassing them and dressing them down in front of the court, something that Jennifer Dorrow just couldn’t manage with a murderer that killed six people and injured 61 others. That’s an anti-white system at its most fundamental level.

So, now in the end the jury quickly convicted Brooks on all six counts of intentional murder and the other counts associated with all those injuries. But if it was intentional, how did Susan Auper even know that? How does she even know it was intentional because she didn’t understand the motive, right? According to her she just didn’t understand the motive. In fact, Auper did know as did many others in Waukesha, including the county GOP Chair Terry Diedrick who admitted to our reporter Trey Garrison—a round of applause for Trey—in our documentary that we published, Terry Detrick admitted to Trey Garrison is a phone call that he was well-aware of Brooks’ anti-white motives and said there was no doubt that Brooks hated white people. Of course, being a very typical Republican, a few months later, Dietrick said that he disavowed everything he said and said that he was misrepresented. He was misrepresented in this documentary. But here’s the thing. Here’s the thing; all Trey did was ask a question on rolled tape. It’s like a three-minute-long segment in the documentary. So, what was taken out of context, Terry? What exactly did we lie about, Terry?

So, everybody knows what happened, but are all these officials lying? The answer is because their careers and the prospect for promotion and advancement are bound up and are reliant on their silence and compliance with the anti-white system. Terry Dietrick can count on losing his position in the GOP if he advocates for whites even if in doing so, he says nothing derogatory about another racial group or any other group at all. Sue Auper and Zach Wicow can bet that their legal careers will never go beyond Waukesha and may well end there if they made Brooks’ racial views an issue. And we know this for a fact thanks to some of the whistleblowers at the FBI. In August, Representative Jim Jordan made public communications he had received from certain persons from within the FBI, stating that their internal culture was pressuring agents to reclassify cases as so-called “domestic extremism” and that career advancement and other awards were given out to FBI personnel based on this metric. Even in this, Jordan was lying by omission because it can’t just be “domestic extremism” because Darrell Brooks was a domestic extremist, wasn’t he? But somehow, he escaped FBI investigation. If they opened up the books on him, they closed them again right way because they weren’t interested? Why? Because they’re only interested in only one kind of so-called “extremism” and that’s white extremism because they’re anti-white.

Now, to bolster this narrative in September, former FBI agent Kyle Sarafin came out with a bombshell revelation that FBI domestic extremist investigations are all morally equivalent to entrapment, even if the FBI gives them an unprincipled escape patch from that charge. So, all of this follow the revelation reported to my knowledge only once in the Buffalo news and then forgotten that the mass shooter in Buffalo was incited for his attack by a so-called “retried” FBI agent in his Discord server. Now, this is an 18-year-old kid who had six people in a Discord before he did this attack, one of them is a retired, a “retired” FBI agent? How old do you have to be to retire form the FBI? What, like 60, 70? Like, what—40? Well, still 40 is still odd to be in an 18-year-old weirdo’s Discord channel telling him to go shoot up a supermarket. Now, we all thought that story was going to be disastrous but it’s disappeared. Why? Because this one report in the Buffalo News that the FBI basically incited this kid to do it. So, this is the kind of domestic extremism they want, not just that they’re—not just that they’re not going to investigate Darrell Brooks. They’re actively going to incite other people to do acts of terror that brings shame on white people and bring law enforcement on us and bring suspicion on us and bring activism from the state on us. That’s the point of it because they are anti-white, something that Jim Jordan won’t tell you, something none of them will tell you.

Now, given the culture of anti-whiteness and legally and morally dubious activity at the Justice Department, is it really a surprise that the D.A. in Waukesha is anti-white? Of course not! The culture comes down from the top. The culture comes down form the top and people respond to it. And the question then is who sets the agenda for the Justice Department? I think we know. I think we know. In fact, we don’t have to look very far. FBI Director Christopher Wray just two days ago made an appearance the Anti-Defamation League’s Never is Now conference on fighting antisemitism. Now, I have this to say to Mr. Wray: When it comes to extremism, maybe you need to remove the plank from your own eye.

At the Never is Now conference, Wray happily appeared alongside Israeli General Doran Almag who has been accused of war crimes from his role in home demolitions and the killing of civilians, including children in Palestine. In 2005, Almag escaped arrest for war crimes at Heathrow Airport in London because Scotman Yard was reportedly afraid that his bodyguards would open fire inside of a civilian airport in London if they tried to arrest him. After this debacle, Jack Straw, the current Foreign Minister of Britain apologized to Israel. I’m sorry your agents almost had to open fire in one of my civilian airports, sir. And they said that never again would private citizens, private activists be allowed to appeal to their own state for violations of the Geneva Convention because that’s what had happened. Some pro-Palestine activists in Britain had appealed to a magistrate who had granted the warrant for Almag’s arrest for his murderous rampages in Palestine and the British said we’re never going to let that happen again. It was a slipup. We deeply apologize to our Israeli masters. We’re sorry for this embarrassment we’ve caused you, etc., etc. Almog also worked under Israeli general and at one point, Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon, the notorious butcher of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps who oversaw the slaughter of thousands of Palestinian civilians in the 1980s. So, the director the FBI, our national federal law enforcement agency, calls us terrorists while happily appearing alongside mass murderers and terrorists at the ADL conference.

And speaking of the ADL, they’ve not exactly been having the best month. They have been engulfed in a PR crisis ever since black rapper Kanye “Ye” West announced on October 8th that he was going “death con three” on Jewish people and proceeded to expose the corrupt relationship between black artists and the Jews that control the music industry, particularly black music, and who encourage black musicians to promote violence, drug dealing, and other anti-social behaviors. This has been a complaint of actually racially conscious black nationalists for years that Jews control the black artists and those black artists therefore promote the gangster lifestyle, the violent lifestyle, drug dealing, drug use, pimpin’ hoes, and all that stuff. It has been a regular complaint of people like Louis Farrakhan and other black activists that are actually aware of what’s going on. So, now this controversary had started when Ye wore a White Lives Matter shirt in what I thought was just a simple publicity stunt at an event and suddenly, four of his concerts—four of his upcoming concerts—simply because he wore this T-shirt were cancelled by Jewish producers.

In the wake of this, basketball player Kyrie Irving tweeted a link to a black nationalist movie about the supposedly Hebrew origins of blacks. Now, whatever we think about this theory, as white nationalists, we don’t care what stories black people want to tell about themselves. That’s their business, not us. It’s not our path, alright. Both are yours. It’s none of your business what you share about yourselves just like it’s no one else’s business what narratives and stories we whites tell about ourselves including the Jews. They don’t have any business is either of our stories.  So, but the Jews disagree. The Jews at the ADL and these other organizations, their demand is to control everyone’s story, everyone’s narrative that all people get to tell themselves and that the Jews are the central of all of these narratives as the victim, as the oppressed, and blacks, whites, everybody else has to shut up and listen when they talk. So, in the process of trying to shut down Ye and Irving, all the others that oppose their rule or talk about their power, the Jews at the ADL have exposed themselves. Their agenda is open for everybody to see. They can’t hide anymore. It’s obvious. There’s no longer any way of pretending that they don’t have this kind of control.

We’ve been saying it for years. We were called conspiracy theorists and kooks and cranks, but it’s obvious. It’s there for everyone to see. Anyone trying to tell you that Jews are not organized as a race or that they do not control institutions of power or that they are all just acting as individuals is pissing on you and telling you it’s raining. Now, interestingly, whether this is part of a conspiracy or not, I really—I have no comment. I don’t know. Who can really know? At the same time all of this is happening, Elon Musk took over Twitter. Now, in my speech in April which was the meeting before last, I mentioned Musk and I talked about how his $40 billion was not enough to buy back free speech for the American people or the people of the world. And I wasn’t wrong because apparently since in the few days since Musk has bought Twitter, you know, people had come up with some explanations: “Oh, maybe the Jews caved on this. Maybe they have this plan. Maybe they have some complicated scheme.” It’s really not that complicated. They’re just trying to put it out of business. They can’t control it anymore. They’re just trying to sink it. I don’t know if they’ll be successful or not, we’ll see but that seems like that the consensus has been reached. They simply want to tank it. This would make their lives much more simple if you think about it.

Think about all the problems they’ve had since 2016, many of them generated by—it’s not Twitter in particular but by the very fact that people are able to talk to each other and reach large numbers of people with their opinions on the internet. This simply cannot be allowed. It has been the cause of too many problems from the election of Trump in 2016, on an implicitly pro-white platform, to the mass banning of white activists between 2017 and 2019 to the latest flare up with West and black activists. The ability of people to speak with each other using this medium that circumvents the Jewish monopoly on the mainstream media has been nothing but headaches for them. It seems they’ve simply decided to shut it down. There’s too much instability that’s been created and as an example of the instability that has been created, we have had just these latest midterm elections. Now, typically in our American system of “democracy,” the structure relies on what I like to call a “stable stalemate” between the two parties. And this relies on a certain script that plays out every election cycle.

A new president is elected and along with his election he brings typically a Republican Senate and a Republican House with, you know, down ballot votes. Then, what’s supposed to happen is in the midterms, his party is supposed to lose control of the Congress. This is on purpose. And in fact, it’s so on purpose that it’s become very predictable over the last sixty or seventy years of American so-called “democracy.”  And in the first two years, typically what happens and we saw this two times in the last six years, a maverick will emerge to betray his own party, to stifle his own party. Between 2016 and 2018, we had Paul Ryan. Now between 2020 and 2022, we had Joe Manchin. The purpose of such “mavericks” is when one party controls all the—the Executive, the House, and the Senate, theoretically, they could pass an agenda. They could do something. They could move something forward. But that can’t happen if they have traitors in their midst like Paul Ryan or Joe Manchin and this is on purpose.

What this does is it means that only those issues that are located as bipartisan actually have any action on them. And those things just happen to be what—support for Israel, support for high finance capital, things like this, right? But when it comes to things like healthcare or immigration, foreign policy, stopping foreign wars, shutting down the border, workers’ right and things like this. These are either located on the right or on the left as partisan issues. And therefore, they can be shut down by the bipartisan stalemate which is part of the script. But, this year though, the script kind of failed and you know what? White people just stayed home. White people just stayed home. The GOP has screwed up this stalemate for them. They may not even win the Senate. As we speak, it appears that a Democrat is poised to win in Nevada which will secure 50 seats for the Democrats meaning with the Vice President, they have the tie-breaker vote. And then the runoff in Georgia which is coming between two blacks doesn’t even really matter and they still might lose that. And I just have one word—just one word of advice for Republicans: if you’re going to make fun of a guy for having brain damage—two pieces of advice on this: if you’re going to make fun of a guy—John Fetterman—for having brain damage, one, you better make sure you win, okay? And two, you better make sure your party’s hopes don’t rest on a black guy with brain damage. Otherwise, you just will look stupid!

So, now, if you believe in the erroneous theory that Jews are all left-wingers, the lack of Jewish enthusiasm for this result would be confusing. The real problem is not that they wanted Democrats to win because they’re all liberals. The real problem is the stable stalemate has been undermined and it’s been undermined because white people stayed home. One of the things they talked about is, “Oh, look! These Gen Zs. These younger than 30 voters all have voted left-wing.” But if you look at the exit polling, under 30-voters were a tiny percentage of the electorate. And among whites it was tiny percentage of the white electorate. But I see plenty of under 30 people here, so where were they? They just didn’t vote for Republicans or Democrats!

So, the NJP has led the fight against the idea that the fate of white people is bound up the electoral success of the Republican or the Democrat Party against the idea that the economic interest of the workers and the racial interests of whites are at odds. They’re not! They are united! A real populist and a real pro-white party reject the anti-white social disease of the Democrat Party as well as the free market blank check of the powerful Jewish financial interest of the GOP. It is unheard of for a president as unpopular as Joe Biden to not face a rout in the midterms. The reason it didn’t happen is because white people stayed home. So, we are done as a race with a system that subordinates our interests as a race and as a class to big anti-white, to big GAE, to big business, to big banks, and ultimately, to big Jew. So, we are here to chart our own independent course as a pro-worker and a pro-white party. Thank you all for being here.